2023 Objectives

Primary Objective

Our primary objective continues to be completion of a joint venture agreement on the KSM Project with a suitable partner on terms advantageous to Seabridge.

Our goals in a joint venture are to:

retain a significant interest in a producing mine
minimize our capital exposure
ensure that our partner must build a mine in order to keep its interest

Corporate Objectives

  • Secure a minimum of $150 million in additional funding that minimizes equity dilution for early construction spending at KSM.
  • Increase gold ownership per common share by way of accretive resource additions from acquisitions and/or continued exploration at our projects.

Project Objectives

  • Continue to advance work at KSM to enable us to satisfy the requirement that we have “Substantially Started” the project prior to the EA Certificate expiring in July 2026.
  • Continue to collect data at KSM that will be required for a final feasibility study.
  • Substantially complete the next phase of the Johnny Mountain Mine reclamation and closure in cooperation with the Tahltan Nation and British Columbia regulators.
  • Complete an internal study for Courageous Lake focusing on a smaller, less capital intensive and more robust design to determine what the next PFS iteration should be for the project.

ESG Objectives

  • Continue to strengthen our social license by responding effectively to the needs and concerns of Treaty and First Nations and local communities.
  • Continue to implement our ESG commitments as set out in our Sustainability Report and update our sustainability strategy by capturing 2-3 year climate change, diversity and governance targets.
  • Continue to build our risk management system by capturing climate risks.
  • Promote a positive culture of Health and Safety through continuous improvement in key leading indicators and initiatives.

Exploration Objectives

  • Complete a drill program of at least 12,000 meters at Iskut to expand the Bronson Slope copper/gold resource and test for additional porphyry occurrences on the property.
  • Complete at least 7,500 meters of drilling at 3 Aces to test our geologic model and prioritize areas for resource definition.
  • Complete a drill program of at least 3,500 meters at Snowstorm to test the potential for mineralized faults along a zone of uplifted host stratigraphy.