2024 Objectives

Primary Objective

Our primary objective continues to be completion of a joint venture agreement on the KSM Project with a suitable partner on terms advantageous to Seabridge.

Our goals in a joint venture are to:

retain a significant interest in a producing mine
minimize our capital exposure
ensure that our partner must build a mine in order to keep its interest

Corporate Objectives

  • Enter a joint venture agreement on the KSM project with a suitable partner on terms advantageous to Seabridge shareholders
  • Secure a minimum of $50 million in new funding to continue to advance construction activities at the BC Hydro switching station which will provide low cost, green hydro power for KSM.
  • Exit 2024 with more gold resources per common share than reported at year end 2023 (including 100% of KSM).
  • Continue to improve cyber-security systems to ensure ongoing confidentiality and integrity of Company data and employee access to it.

Project Objectives

  • Achieve a positive Substantial Start decision from the B.C. government ensuring that our KSM environmental approvals are valid for the life of the project.
  • Prepare Seabridge Gold and KSM Mining ULC for transition to a Joint Venture Partnership.
  • Initiate and advance a sale/joint venture process for Courageous Lake to unlock shareholder value.
  • Remain in compliance with permit conditions, reporting, regulator inspections and regulator technical requests for all projects.

ESG Objectives

  • Continue to strengthen our social license with Indigenous Partners and local communities.
  • Continue to mature our risk management programs and systems.
  • Continue to develop and update our sustainability strategy to incorporate the values of Seabridge and reflect the requirements of regulatory and governing agencies.
  • Promote a positive culture of Health and Safety through continuous improvement in key leading indicators and initiatives implemented in 2023.

Exploration Objectives

  • File new Technical Report for Bronson Slope incorporating 2023 drill results and an updated resource estimate and complete a drill program of at least 12,500 meters at Iskut for an evaluation of two deep copper-gold porphyry targets.
  • Complete a drill program at 3 Aces of at least 8,000 meters to evaluate resource expansion potential at three targets in the Central Core Area and complete an initial evaluation on three regional targets.
  • Continue to evaluate the potential for a Getchell style discovery at Snowstorm and progress the permitting on a northern Nevada rift target at Goldstorm.