Land, Location, and Climate

The 3 Aces property consist of 1,536 Yukon Quartz Mining claims covering an area of approximately 31,400 hectares. These claims were originally acquired by way of three separate option agreements and are subject to small continuing obligations. The property is in southeast Yukon Territory, Canada, beginning near the confluence of the Hyland River and the Little Hyland River and continuing north northwest on the order of 40 kilometers.  Located along Yukon Highway 10, also known as the Cantung Mine Road, the property is accessible by road from Watson Lake about 225 km to the south.

Climate at 3 Aces is typical of northern continental regions with long, cold winters, condensed fall and spring seasons and short, mild summers. Snowfall can occur in any month at the property, particularly at higher elevations. This area is mostly snow free from early June to late September and work programs can be performed year-round.