Land, Location, and Climate

The 100%-owned Iskut Property is a contiguous block of mineral claims covering 22,238 hectares and consisting of:

  • 13 Crown Land Grants
  • 20 BC Legacy Mineral Claims
  • 53 BC Mineral Cell Claims

The property straddles the Iskut River in the Pacific Coast Range of northwestern British Columbia.

Iskut is about 970 km northwest of Vancouver, BC, 110 km north of Stewart BC and 80 km east of Wangle, AK.  In the vicinity of the project are the AltaGas Northwest Hydroelectric Facilities, situated upstream on the Iskut River about 17 km from the Iskut Property.  The project is about 30 km northeast of Seabridge Gold’s KSM deposits.

Climate on the property is typical of the northern pacific coastal mountains with generally cool summers and moderate winters.  Weather patterns are influenced by the Pacific Ocean and modified by elevation, which produces moderate temperatures and significant moisture.  Along the Iskut River at elevations of about 100 meters, precipitation is high and dominated by rainfall throughout the year.  On the slopes of Johnny Mountain, at Quartz Rise, elevations rise above 1600m where fog and snow can be expected anytime.