Land, Location, and Climate

The Snowstorm Project includes 964 unpatented lode mining claims, roughly 2,245 hectares of leased private lands and 32.45 hectares of land owned by Snowstorm Exploration LLC, totaling about 10,281 hectares, or approximately 102.8 square kilometers. The claims and private lands are in the northern Snowstorm Mountains and the pediment area immediately south and east of Chimney Reservoir in Humboldt and Elko Counties, Nevada.  Snowstorm is about 90 km northeast of Winnemucca, NV, 6 km northeast of the Twin Creek Mine and 15 km northeast of the Turquoise Ridge Mine both operated by the Nevada Gold Mines LLC.

The climate at Snowstorm is semi-arid, with total annual precipitation averaging 510 millimeters, most accumulating as snow in the months of January and February. Relative humidity is generally very low. Throughout the year, daytime temperatures can be moderate or hot with significant cooling at night.  The operating season is year-round and unaffected by temperature variations. Precipitation generally does not affect operating conditions, but surface roads can become temporarily impassable when wet.