Seabridge to Raise US$225 Million from Sprott and Ontario Teachers' Under Note Exchangeable for a KSM Silver Royalty

February 26, 2022
February 26, 2022

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - February 26, 2022) - Seabridge Gold (TSX: SEA) (NYSE: SA) announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, KSM Mining ULC ("KSMCo") has agreed to sell a secured note ("Note") that is to be exchanged at maturity for a silver royalty on its 100% owned KSM project located in northern British Columbia, Canada, to Sprott Resource Streaming and Royalty Corp. ("Sprott") and Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan ("Ontario Teachers'") (jointly, the "Investors") for US$225 million (approximately C$285 million at the current exchange rate). The proceeds of this sale will be used to continue ongoing physical works at KSM and advance the project towards a designation of 'substantially started'.

Seabridge Chairman and CEO Rudi Fronk explained: "This fund-raising is intended to move KSM towards accomplishing three main objectives without the requirement for shareholder dilution:

  • Achieve the 'substantially started' designation which ensures the continuity of the KSM project's approved Environmental Assessment Certificate ("EAC") for the life of the project;
  • Complete key tasks which support construction readiness and will shorten the construction period once a construction decision has been made; and
  • Enhance the KSM proposition in our joint venture negotiations by securing the EAC, further de-risking the project, and accelerating the construction timetable."

Key terms of the Note and silver royalty include:

  1. When the Note matures, the Investors will use all of the principal amount repaid on maturity to purchase a 60% gross silver royalty (the "Silver Royalty") upon the first to occur of:
         a. commercial production being achieved at KSM; and
         b. either the 10-year anniversary, or, if the EAC expires and the Investors do not exercise their right to put the Note to KSMCo (described below), the 13-year anniversary of the issue date of the Note.

  2. Prior to its maturity, the Note bears interest at 6.5% per annum, payable quarterly in arrears. KSMCo can elect to satisfy interest payments in cash or by delivering Seabridge common shares.

  3. KSMCo has the option to buyback 50% of the Silver Royalty, once exchanged on or before 3 years after commercial production has been achieved, for an amount that provides the Investors a minimum guaranteed annualized return.

  4. If project financing to develop, construct and place KSM into commercial production is not in place by the fifth anniversary from closing, the Investors can put the Note back to KSMCo for US$232.5 million, with KSMCo able to pay such amount in cash or by delivering Seabridge common shares at its option. This right expires once such project financing is in place. If the Investors exercise this put right, the Investors' right to purchase the Silver Royalty terminates.

  5. If KSM's EAC expires at anytime while the Note is outstanding, the Investors can put the Note back to KSMCo for US$247.5 million at any time over the following nine months, with KSMCo able to satisfy the put in cash or by delivering Seabridge common shares at its option. If the Investors exercises this put right, the Investors' right to purchase the Silver Royalty terminates.

  6. If commercial production is not achieved at KSM prior to the tenth anniversary from closing, the Silver Royalty payable to the Investors will increase to a 75% gross silver royalty (if the EAC expires during the term of the Note and the corresponding put right is not exercised, this uplift will occur at the thirteenth anniversary from closing).

  7. No amount payable may be paid in common shares of Seabridge if, after the payment, any of the Investors would own more than 9.9% of Seabridge's outstanding shares.

  8. KSMCo's obligations under the Note will be secured by a charge over all of the assets of KSMCo and a limited recourse guarantee from Seabridge secured by a pledge of the shares of KSMCo.

  9. Since the KSM project is expected to be operated through joint ownership of KSMCo, the Note and Silver Royalty would thereby become obligations of a future joint venture to develop KSM.

Rudi Fronk, Seabridge's Chairman and CEO, stated: "We are delighted to have Sprott and Ontario Teachers' as partners at KSM. Although KSM is best known for its mineral reserves and resources of gold and copper, the project also hosts a large inventory of silver. In KSM's latest Technical Report, silver accounts for less than 3% of projected KSM revenues, with the transaction representing a very small charge against the project's future total revenues. Furthermore, the transaction does not require share dilution which furthers our long-standing strategy of providing the industry's best leverage to gold as measured by ounces of gold per share."

Michael Harrison, Managing Partner at Sprott, commented: "We are very pleased to enter into this partnership with Seabridge and Ontario Teachers' to provide catalytic capital to advance KSM. KSM is Canada's largest gold-copper-silver development project and an outstanding economic opportunity that we confidently expect to become one of our longest-life silver royalties. Seabridge has done an excellent job exploring, engineering and de-risking KSM, including securing an approved Environmental Assessment and building strong relationships with its local indigenous peoples. We support the plan to continue advancing substantial start activities at KSM while Seabridge secures an operating partner."

Christopher Metrakos, Managing Director, Natural Resources, at Ontario Teachers' said: "This investment highlights Ontario Teachers' growing commitment to invest in the global metals industry, where we can achieve inflation protection, real returns and cash flow diversification. This is an innovative structure that provides excellent exposure to a combination of fixed returns and long-term silver prices. KSM is a world class Canadian mining project; we are proud that our funding will accelerate its development."

Under the B.C. Environmental Assessment Act, a project's EAC is subject to expiry if the project has not been 'substantially started' by the deadline specified in the EAC. However, if the B.C. Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (the "Environment Minister") determines that a project has been 'substantially started' before the deadline, the EAC remains in effect for the life of the project. KSM's EAC deadline is July 29, 2026. In determining whether a project has been 'substantially started', the Environment Minister assesses each project separately on whether sufficient physical work has been completed prior to the EAC deadline.

"We are planning on staying well ahead of the deadline by getting the work done as early as we can," said Fronk. "This financing provides most of the capital necessary to reach this objective as well as having the added advantage of cutting time from the construction schedule once a construction decision has been made."

Examples of B.C. mining projects that have been previously determined to have been 'substantially started' include Galore Creek and Kitsault.

BMO Capital Markets is acting as financial advisor and Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP is acting as legal counsel to Seabridge in connection with the transaction. Fasken Martineau DuMoulin PPL is acting as legal counsel to Sprott on this transaction.

Closing of the transaction is expected on or about March 15, 2022.

Seabridge holds a 100% interest in several North American gold projects. Seabridge's assets include the KSM and Iskut projects located near Stewart, British Columbia, Canada, the Courageous Lake project located in Canada's Northwest Territories, the Snowstorm project in the Getchell Gold Belt of Northern Nevada and the 3 Aces project set in the Yukon Territory. For a full breakdown of Seabridge's mineral reserves and mineral resources by category please visit the Company's website at

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